We have raised 2000 Euros for Ukraine

We have raised 2000 Euros for Ukraine

We are excited to announce that thanks to you, we have raised 2000 Euros for Ukraine!

As this is a major milestone, we want to thank all the people who have bought our items. Just in two months, we have sold items to 15 countries worldwide.

The proceedings will be donated to animal rescue and shelter providers operating in Ukraine. We are currently figuring out a best way to proceed with the donations. Stay tuned for a breakdown of the donations.

Please share our site with your friends and peers, so that we can continue to grow. Currently, we are not investing money in ads, which allows us to focus on gathering funds for donations and making new products.


Top 3 items:

Spurdo Nato patch - 800 Euros

Patron patch - 700 Euros

Russian Warship - 100 Euros

Slava Ukraini!


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