Help us to deliver 10 tons of pet food to Ukraine

Help us to deliver 10 tons of pet food to Ukraine

We are excited to share our plan which is to deliver 10 tons of pet food from Poland to Ukraine this summer!

We thought this is the best way to show people how their money supports Ukraine.

We have made an agreement with UPAW, which is an aid platform provided by Four Paws organization.


All the money raised through the U4U sales will be used to purchase pet food from Krakow, which will be delivered on palettes to Młyny near the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Google maps route screenshot between Krakow and Mlyny.

The route is around 250 km one way. We are trying to negotiate a deal with Polish pet food suppliers.

Dog with a dog food package.

We are also trying to get other brands on board in order to reach the target. If you know people or brands that could provide help or support, please contact us at

As always, please share our site as much as possible as we don't spend money on ads!

We are seeking help with the following:

- Renting a truck in Krakow

- Making a deal with a Polish pet food supplier

- Getting other brands onboard

We will inform more details later, stay tuned!


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