Finnish Lifestyle Cat x U4U

Finnish Lifestyle Cat x U4U

As you might have learned from our blog post, the situation of the animals in Ukraine calls for urgent help. Therefore we are proud to announce our latest collaboration with a representative of our four legged friends. 

Eino, also known as The Finnish lifestyle cat is a wise and comfort seeking British shorthair mix and cat life coach. Eino can be found on Instagram with his cat mama under the name of @finnishlifestylecat.

Eino's life lessons are about slowing down in a world of busy busy. Together with his artist cat mama Eino wants to spread the word of love, kindness and self compassion around the world. Finnish lifestyle cat is all about appreciating life, nature, simple moments and the art of living in the present.

Now @finnishlifestylecat wants to show support to Ukraine and help raise money for those helping the local animals survive the horrors of war. By buying products with this unique Love Wins print you donate to animal rescue in Ukraine. In addition, you get a cool product with an important meaning: Love always wins.

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